Creek Street, Ketchikan
May 18, 2011 - Our stop in Ketchikan was the only day we really saw any rain on our entire cruise.  We had anticipated cold, wet weather this early in the year but were treated to warm and sunny instead.  It was heavily overcast with light rain as we docked but the rain ended and we remained dry during our entire visit.  Once again, having taken in many of the sights in Ketchikan previously, Jan and I explored on our own. 

We walked through Tongass Trading Post right on the pier.  This is one of three stores, all located in downtown Ketchikan, with the whimsical names of "Tongass 1", "Tongass 2" and "Tongass 3".  The store on the pier is filled with souvenirs, hardware goods and a small confectionery.  Many cruise passengers make this their last stop on the way back to the ship as the souvenirs are reasonably priced, an extra suitcase can be bought cheap and the bottled water, pop and snacks are better priced than on board.

Downtown Ketchikan is compact enough that it is very easy to walk around.  There are probably more jewellery stores per city block here than in any other Alaskan port, but if you manage to walk through town without being distracted, you will soon come to Creek Street, the former red light district built on pilings above the water.  This is now the location of restaurants and boutiques in probably one of the prettiest settings in Alaska.  The green house to the right is Dolly's House Museum, a throwback to the time when there were numerous "establishments of negotiable affection" along the boardwalk.
Ketchikan Crossing Guard
It's funny that in a town of only 15 000 residents there are crossing guards at many downtown crosswalks.  I'm still not certain if this casts aspersions on local drivers or visiting cruise ship passengers, but the help was always appreciated!


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